$120/year (that’s only $10/month).

Use high-res logo (multiple color options) on promotions like Eventbrite, Facebook, etc. Brew Asana does not have to use the trademark (™) symbol.

You will have exclusive Brew Asana name rights within 30 miles (or 45 min. drive) of your class (that means someone cannot franchise the Brew Asana name within that distance/time limit as to be direct competition to you) .

Event tickets:
Use website link to on your events pages like Eventbrite, Facebook etc.

Event post:
Brew Asana™ will list your events on

Email list:
Send your current email list (can be monthly if you get new emails) to be added to the Brew Asana™ newsletters. Your events will be listed in the newsletter.

Brew Asana™ newsletters will be sent out with a list of events, including yours.

A pic and bio of yourself will listed with your events.

Purchase Franchise Opportunity 1 Year