Beer and Yoga How To Guide

Brew and Asana | How To Guide

A BeerSnobChick's Guide
To Successfully Teach Beer and Yoga in Breweries

Are you a yoga teacher that wants to teach in a brewery near you? Would you like information on how to get beer and yoga off the ground? Brew Asanas can help marketing your beer and yoga events.

All the questions you've been asking on how to make teaching beer and yoga in breweries successful. In this beer and yoga How To Guide you will get the following:

  • Email pitch sample templates to breweries
  • Waivers and insurance
  • Price of classes
  • Marketing solutions including:
    • Newsletter marketing
    • Social Media marketing
  • Taking credit/debit payments
  • Website and scheduling software
  • ... and more

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Everything you want to know about beer and yoga in the Brew and Asana How to Guide, how to teach beer and yoga in breweries, all about marketing beer and yoga events — all for one low price of $10.99!

Yoga Teachers get first hand info!

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