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Brew & Asana
A BeerSnobChick's Guide to Yoga and Beer

Brew & Asana: A BeerSnobChick’s Guide to Beer and Yoga takes your favorite yoga poses and beers and kicks it up a notch with fun and flavorful pairings. In this book, you will find beautiful illustrations of a beer (brew) and yoga pose (asana) with descriptions of each. From triangle pose paired with a saison to crow pose paired with an American stout, each pairing captures the complexity of the asana and essence of each brew, allowing you to find balance in warrior III or in the bite of an imperial IPA. Complete with dozens of colorful illustrations, this book shows you how to incorporate yoga and beer in a fun and harmonious way. So get ready to toast to brews and asanas!

Brew and Asana | How To Guide

A BeerSnobChick's Guide
To Successfully Teach Beer and Yoga in Breweries

All the questions you've been asking on how to make teaching beer and yoga in breweries successful.

Everything you want to know about beer and yoga how-to guide, beer and yoga in breweries, marketing beer and yoga events all for one low price of $10.99!

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Beer and Yoga Events

Brew Asanas™ LLC used to hold a rocking one-hour yoga class and follow it up with a beer in a local brewery. While currently Brew Asanas™ LLC is not teaching in beer and yoga in breweries, we are help yoga teachers with marketing and hosting beer and yoga events, and getting students connected with beer and yoga events in your area!

Yoga teachers who want to post/host their beer and yoga events on or if you want to learn more about how to host a successful beer and yoga event, contact Brew Asanas™ LLC

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About the Author

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About the Author

A hop enthusiast, lover of yoga, and a bit of a beer snob, Adrienne Rinaldi took her fascination of craft beer and launched the blog BeerSnobChick in 2009, which allowed her to explore beers and breweries across the country. After receiving her 200-hour yoga certification in 2012, she hosted rocking yoga classes in breweries which concluded with a beer. Thus, Brew Asana™ LLC was born! Adrienne combines her enthusiasm for beer and yoga to create a unique and fun book that yogis, seasoned and new, and craft beer lovers can enjoy. You can find her websites at and

About the Illustrator

The beautiful and talented, Maria Rinaldi (and a bit of a beer snob too), illustrated the art for Brew + Asana: A BeerSnobChick's Guide to Beer and Yoga. Not only is she an amazing artist, Maria is a professional pilot too!